Yards - Big or Small

If you need your yard leveled or graded we can help. We can help to level out sloped ground for a playset, pool, patio, or other use. If you have drainage issues we can grade your yard to help with water runoff. We utilize laser equipment to check for level and grade. If you have an overgrown fence you would like removed or cleaned up we can handle it. Whether you have trees, shrubs, rock, dirt, or brush you would like taken care of, Land Scrapes has the capability to assist you.

Before Land Scrapes Services

This pond needed the railroad ties removed and filled in. The customer wanted the trees and stumps in the open removed as well.

Pond Unfilled

After Land Scrapes Services

This is the pond area several months after removing the railroad ties, removing the trees, filling in the pond, leveling the top, and sloping the terrain.

Pond Filled

Before Land Scrapes Services

This is the top area of the property that the customer wanted leveled.

Yard Unlevel

After Land Scrapes Services

This is the top area several months after the trees were removed, soil was added, and the area was leveled.

Yard Level

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